Take your packaging supplies to the next level – make ‘unboxing’ a delightful experience.

Food Packaging

We offer a range of world class food packaging solutions for a variety of industries from FMCG to Pet Food products such as stand up pouches & flat bottom bags.

E-Commerce Packaging

We can provide both plain and custom e-commerce solutions complete with additional features like padding or tamper-evident seals. We also specialise in twice use satchels for online retail companies looking to enhance their customers’ experience through making returns simple.

Retail Packaging

We can offer a wide range of carry bags in a variety of materials, from plastic & paper to environmentally friendly canvas bags.

Tamper-Evident Packaging

RollsPack is a premium tamper-evident bag manufacturer. We can make a variety of secure solutions including our SCEC approved level 4 deposit bags and our SECUR-SAFE® bags which provide security to the storage of personal items.

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    To improve packaging quality, the world’s biggest e-commerce site (Amazon) and leading industry partners are partnering to create ‘packaging design standards’ for e-commerce.

    E-commerce packaging includes mailing packages and packaging used to distribute products directly to the consumer from their fulfilment centers.

    With the e-commerce industry growing exponentially as a result of covid-19, we have found that the majority of our clients have moved towards bulk ordering their online packaging, in response to this demand we are revising our prices, to bring them in line with the demand of our client base. (you).

    Many retailers are now taking the time to demonstrate how they differentiate themselves from the market by using custom-designed boxes. An example of this is Nuraphone, who used a biodegradable organic ‘box’ to display their technology.

    The amount of packaging needed for e-commerce has remained stable at large, but the conceptualisation of product packaging can be nerve-wracking, particularly if you lack design experience or don’t know what your options are. There are so many ways for bundling the goods! We take the time, and allow you to explain exactly what you expect. Click here to call now!

    If a customer has a good experience, a good unboxing experience, and feels that you value the product as much as they do, they will be 27% more likely to buy again.

    Home delivery offers customers a way of refusing or reinforcing those product attributes and brand values. Both the product framework and packaging framework ought to be considered in order to have fair pricing and product satisfaction. From the package (flexible bags vs. rigid containers) to the invoice (personalised thanks) through the secondary shipper (colour, campaign communications, reliability, reusability), the organisation depends on the experience of obtaining the products.

    • corrugated boxes
    • Padded mailers
    • Bags and envelopes
    • Custom ecommerce packaging

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