As a sustainability-focused organisation, RollsPack is proud to partner with the REDcycle program, an initiative designed to recover and recycle plastics that would otherwise go to into landfill.

The program is a partnership between manufacturers, retailers and consumers. The REDcycle team place specially marked bins at Coles & Woolworths supermarkets which consumers can drop their soft plastics into. These are then collected and sent to REDcycle’s partner Replas who utilise the material to create outdoor furniture, bollards, decking, and dog agility equipment. We are currently updating our packaging to include the Recycling and REDcycle logos.


Compostable bags are hailed as great environmental solutions but in truth, they aren’t as effective as people may think. The primary issue with compostable materials is the elements they need in order to breakdown. Composting requires sunlight, oxygen, and water which makes it challenging. Particularly when you consider the conditions they are likely to experience when placed in landfill. Buried underneath dirt and waste, they will not be able to breakdown and as such, lose all sustainable benefits.

A recent study found that Biodegradeable plastic bags were still able to carry shopping after being submerged in soil and water for three years… for the full story click here.

To download Biodegradable Vs Recyclable PDF Click Here


In a world first, the noise walls along the Mordialloc Freeway will be made from 75% recycled plastic collected from households across the state. The recycled noise wall panels will help divert more than 570 tonnes of plastic waste from landfill. The panels are made from a mix of kerbside recycled plastics including milk bottles, juice bottles, and shampoo bottles and soft plastics such as bread bags, food wrappers and bubble wrap – the equivalent of the amount of plastic waste collected from 25,000 Victorian homes in one year.

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An incredibly informative & insightful talk on how plastics are a not the villain many believe them to be.

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Keeping it green – RollsPack is committed to a greener planet

RollsPack takes the environmental impact of our packaging products seriously. As a leading green corporation, we share our recycling policies and practices with our customers and industry partners. A signatory for the Australian Packaging Covenant, RollsPack is part of a culture and industry that aims to encourage businesses to design more sustainable packaging and increase recycling. Our goal is to manufacture our products using 100% recyclable materials by 2025.



Giving back is important to us at RollsPack

We feel it’s our duty to be active within our community by assisting the various groups, schools, clubs and charities that are connected to our wonderful local area.

We’ve been supporting ‘Kids Undercover’ for over twenty years and take great pride in assisting a diverse range of other very worthy recipients:

Primary Specification DE

Our self-aligning smart technology printing prevents print wastage

Recycleable DE

We recycle the heat that comes off our machines

coffee-bag Blue DE

We recycle 100% of our waste

Solar DE

Solar panels make our manufacturing facility 100% energy efficient during daylight hours

Playground DE

Our returned satchels are recycled to help build children’s playgrounds

Heat DE

Our satchels can be returned & dispatched for recycling

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