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We supply a range of tamper-evident courier and postage bags to leading Australian companies & growing online retailers that need customised postal bags and mailers. Our products provide that extra level of security to help your packages survive the shipping process and arrive safely.

  • Plain or Customised Branding
  • QR Codes
  • Padding
  • Double Seal
  • Tamper-Evident Tape
  • Sustainable options available

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Using recycled products is always a great step toward sustainability particularly with our environmentally friendly mailer bags. But taking it back a step to the product’s origins, interestingly plastic is actually more sustainable than paper. The manufacturing process for plastic uses 72% less energy than that of paper. Plastics also produce 90% less waterborne waste than paper. When it comes to transport, plastic can be transported in a more efficient manner due to less weight by volume, which reduces the impact on the environment. We offer great recyclable options for our postage bags & mailers.

In a word… branding. At RollsPack, we make a variety of postage bags, courier satchels & mailers so it is your choice whether to go for our stock options or to get custom branded satchels created for your business. While the branded satchels are more expensive, the branding element they provide is invaluable. The ‘unboxing’ experience of any ecommerce product is incredibly important in the modern era as its an opportunity to connect. While ecommerce provides a level of efficiency to the product sales’ process, it does create a disconnect too. No longer are you getting to engage with your customers face to face in a way that allows you to create a relationship. Instead, this must be achieved through creative website development, great digital communication & an unforgettable unboxing experience that must feature custom postage bags.

The simplest way to reduce the number of returns from customers is to focus on both your marketing & your products’ quality control. The main reason that items are returned is that the customer received something that wasn’t how they pictured it in their mind. You try to address this on two fronts. First you should review the media & marketing your customers are engaging with – for instance, are the product shots realistic? The second is the product’s actual quality. QC efforts pay for themselves multiple times over when done right. If there are issues with the products, then not only do you have to process the return you have potentially created an angry customer who’ll likely share their displeasure with others. Protecting your products during transit is another essential element. Purchasing our padded mailer bags is a great way to enhance your products’ protection during transit.

customer through a memorable unboxing experience. But it also provides a window for you to sell more products to your customers. It’s rare to capture the kind of attention you’ll get when someone is opening up your packaging so it’s important to put new ideas in front of them. This can be achieved through product inserts which cross-sell – using items that would naturally compliment their recent purchase. Companies can also use QR codes both in these product inserts and printed on the packaging itself to channel engaged customers into a secondary purchase or to register their interest in a new product. Regardless of whether it’s postage bags & mailers or display cartons, ensuring your packaging is putting in the work on arrival is essential to success as we move forward into 2020.

Ultimately it’s about your products – they decide the packaging. Fortunately, we have a wide range of ecommerce satchels and postage mailer bags to suit all specifications. If you require additional security, we can provide tamper-evident products. If your items are fragile, we can provide padded satchels. Plus, our twice use satchels are perfect for clothing brands looking to provide customers with an easy return method.

This can be a tough one for many ecommerce sellers – the battle of fashion vs function. While it’s important to create an unboxing experience to remember, it won’t have the desired affect if it’s been ruined by the transport process. One solution to this is flexible packaging such as our mailer bags which can stand up to the rigours of the logistics process without having its corners dented or its opening scuffed.

Did you know that the e-commerce market value is predicted to be $7,000,000,000,000 within the next 5 years? Customers are online searching for a wider range of products than ever before. What is even more alarming is that figure was calculated prior to 2020’s COVID-19 Pandemic. A challenging period which has forced much of the population to order online products online. Ecommerce has been introduced to a wide range of customers who for a variety of reasons (age, habits, knowledge etc) chose to buy them from local stores. At present only 20% of the global retail market is being generated by ecommerce sales. When you stop and consider the capabilities this delivery method has for a huge range of industries, that number seems disproportionately low. Ecommerce is the future, and if you are not already embracing the concept and its benefits, then right now is the time to get started.

This is a process we can help with as our packaging solutions can either be bought as stock items or customised to your desired specifications. Meaning you can dip your toe into this behemoth of a market with plain postage satchels before graduating to printed ones!

In the end it depends on your creativity and skillset but usually the answer is that it is best left to true professionals. Packaging designers know this space inside out and are capable of producing something incredible. If you are searching for resources to help you achieve this they can be found on websites like Upwork or Fiverr. You can also use 99 Designs lets you create a brief for multiple designers to create something for (hint the best submissions will come near the end). When it comes to designing your own packaging if you are creatively gifted and feel you are up for the challenge then go for it! However, if you are like most of us, then this one is best left to the highly capable pros and the investment will pay dividends later.

When it comes to naming your ecommerce brand, there is no hard and fast rule. A brand name is just another vehicle to connect your company and products to the consumers you wish to sell it to. When considering a name, it is wise to start with the product’s purpose. What is the goal of your items? Are you bringing design to flair to and otherwise bland space? Or will it find a place in the market based on its functionality? Consider these things when choosing your name. Another consideration is the prior existence of meaning. What does the name Xerox mean to you? To many it means great office equipment. Choosing a name which serves as a blank slate allows you to assign what theta meaning is going to be (while also making it simpler to trademark if you would like to). Ultimately there are many ways to name your online brand and its worth investing time and energy into thinking up the right one. When you have the perfect name and you are ready to combine it with some artwork and wow your customers with custom packaging courier satchels, we’re ready to help.

Packaging design is unique to every business; what’s important is how it connects your company and your consumers. We believe the secret is to be authentic. Your customers have purchased from you rather than your competition for a reason. Your packaging should reflect that perspective in a way that reminds them why they feel connected to you in the first place. It can be bold, subtle, colourful, plain, complex or minimalist – what matters is that it is authentic. When it is time to take the next step in your business our custom printed postage bags can help.

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