Stand Up Pouches

Our Stand-Up Pouches are made of high-quality, durable materials. They are suited to a wide range of food items including snacks, coffee, tea, fruit, muesli & cereals, pet foods, sauces, and dairy items.

  • Plain or branded
  • Variety of sizes
  • Variety of seal types

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Frequently Asked Questions

At RollsPack we sell both plain & custom stand up pouches. The typical path for brands entering the market is to start out using plain pouches and then graduate to printed ones. In business, it is important to walk before you run so testing a new entry into the market with the minimum viable packaging solution is advised. When you are confident that your brand’s products are a hit then its time to make the switch and embrace all that customised stand up pouches have to offer. In the food packaging space, this shift tends to happen faster than in other arenas. This is because the food pouches in question normally require customised packaging to get into retail stores.

By the time a consumer is considering buying your product, they are already deep into the sales funnel. Picture them standing the supermarket aisle with your stand up food pouch lined up against your competitors. Removing historical preference as a factor, whose are they going to pick? When it comes to food packaging, whether it be stand up pouches or flat bottom bags the style and design need to speak to them. The game is won by the brands who tailor their experience to the consumer.

It all depends on your level, but if you are serious. It is best left to the pros. Packaging designers are incredibly creative and they think in ways the average person doesn’t. If you are at the point of wanting to venture into custom packaging (regardless of whether it is stand up pouches, mailer bags or carry bags) then we advise investing in a designer.

There are a myriad of ways to recruit great packaging designers. Graphic design companies will often be capable of producing solid results. For smaller organisations that are perhaps transitioning into the custom packaging side for the first time then a freelancer is going to be the best fit. When searching for a freelancer, sites like Fiverr & Upwork will be very helpful. There is also a website called 99 Designs which is purely focused on connecting designers with businesses.

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