Do you know how environmentally friendly plastic really is?

Do you know how environmentally friendly plastic really is?

Australia emits only 1% of the world’s greenhouse gases, compared to China which has 17 out of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world and 70% of the world’s most polluted rivers in the world. The WHO states that indoor and outdoor air pollution causes 656,000 deaths per year and 100,000 deaths through water pollution!

– National Geographic 9 July 2007

Do you know how environmentally friendly it really is? Plastic leaves the smallest carbon footprint on earth’s environment!

  • Plastics, being inert in landfill, emit no greenhouse emissions or gasses
  • Plastics do not poison or pollute groundwater table
  • Less than 1% of plastic bags (by weight) are landfill
  • Less than 4% of plastics are in landfill
  • More than 90% of a barrel of oil is used for fuel and heating
  • Nothing decomposes quickly without light, heat, air, water and/or bacteria – steel plate, metal cans, even paper products decompose very slowly or not at all
  • Plastics need to perform a function and be fit for purpose and are degradable or UV degradable
  • None are truly biodegradable unless with EU (EN13432) or Australian Standard (AS 4736) accreditation.
  • Vegetable based material is accredited, but with worldwide food shortages, should we be using food for fuel or otherwise?
  • Plastics from all industries use less than 5% of a barrel of oil. In fact, plastic bags are also made from natural gas
  • Plastics are recyclable, lightweight and strong
  • Paper is 800% higher in price than plastics
  • Plastics use 72% less energy in manufacture
  • Plastics are 90% less in waterborne waste than paper
  • Less energy/fuel consumption for transport is required for plastics due to less weight by volume

RollsPack is proud of its environmental achievements, have a look at what we do Here!

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