RollsPack, takes on print packaging’s big players with new cutting edge technology

RollsPack, will take on print packaging’s big players with the recent purchase of cutting edge technology that has this family-owned SME keen to draw positive attention to Australian manufacturing.

Previously the domain of large international companies, RollsPack’s new customised gravure press is unique to the marketplace and offers high resolution, lifelike imagery for plastics packaging.
The food and beverage sector currently comprises 65% – 70% of the Australian packaging industry and RollsPack hopes the press will allow these brands to stay competitive with high-quality imagery, fast turnaround times and competitive rates while also providing greater impact and ‘shelf shout’ on retail shelves.

Phillip Rolls, managing director for RollsPack says, “We are responding to the sophisticated demands of a modern consumer in a highly competitive market where brands need to maximise their presence on the shelf.

“The gravure press will allow SME’s with lower minimum runs to compete using packaging that communicates clearly with their customers.”


The gravure is just one of the innovative practices that RollsPack brings to the industry.

“You can’t expect to gain the edge by simply introducing a new press.”

“We have customised the technology to meet the needs the changing market – we travel and research extensively to constantly evolve the business with a vision to be an industry leader,” says Rolls.

RollsPack is highly regarded within the industry for its pioneering approach and its ethical practices.

Our Expert Team

The company culture for RollsPack’s 65 employees is highly inclusive. A small and expert team is agile and innovative, delivering best practice across the board, including strengthening its connections with the local community and actively supporting local charities like Kids Under Cover to reduce youth homelessness.

The company is also Australia’s largest manufacturer of tamper-evident bags for the nation’s banking sector and counts many established multinational, blue-chip companies as repeat clients.

A number of food industry giants are also counted in the portfolio, benefitting from the latest technology used by RollsPack to transfer information from package barcode to electronic devices such as microwave, refrigerator or mobile phone.

Superior Products

“We are constantly meeting with companies across the globe to keep up with international advances, finding superior products and adopting them to suit our markets, both here and overseas.

“Our processes look beyond packaging to the latest technology that also allows us to be environmentally responsible and as a member of the National Packaging Covenant, we are highly invested in recycling and integrating sustainable practices into day-to-day management,” says Rolls.

Under increasing pressure to match off-shore pricing and market needs for quick turnaround, the company works to a philosophy of ‘lean manufacturing’ which translates to a best business practice that increases productivity and profitability while reducing waste.

The Gravure

Rolls says, “The gravure is a significant capital investment for a SME however it’s a strategic move that will allow us, as a manufacturer, to compete with not just the best technology but also with the greatest quality and efficiency.

“Apart from the exceptional vibrancy and clarity we can bring to the images on packaging, the new press allows for higher run speeds, simplifies the operational process and reduces waste at the start and finish of a print run.

We won’t be deterred by the challenges facing the Australian Manufacturing Industry, packaging sells and we will be a leading performer for our clients by any benchmark,” Rolls concludes.

RollsPack will introduce the gravure press at an exclusive, invitation-only launch to government, business and media in June 2014, revealing the first Australian SME to hit the shelves with gravure technology.

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