RollsPack Has Moved To 81-89 Malcolm Road!

We are thrilled to announce that we have moved into our new offices at 81-89 Malcolm Road Braeside, complete with our new signage! All operations will remain at Woodlands Drive while our head office and sales team will work from our new location (nearby to Woodlands Drive).


Founded in 1986, we’re a company that’s focus is global innovation. It’s in our makeup to constantly seek how new and improved ways to deliver products and services to our customers. This thinking drove us to open our Chinese manufacturing facility with the goal of providing a unique level of versatility to our customers through both local and overseas packaging solution options.

Recently we took delivery of a state-of-the-art Gravure Printing Press which allowed us to print extremely high-quality packaging. This year we are one of the first companies in the world to invest in an advanced flexographic press with digital print capability. This unique and advanced machine is something we are very excited to roll out (more details to come soon). These investments ensure that the quality of our products is amongst the best in the world.

Recognising the importance of branding in the modern world, we started RollsPack Promotions. A sector of the business designed to develop branded items and accessories for Australian companies to help engage with their consumers. We have also developed our own Emergency Bag for bushfire zones, called the Grab & Go. The fire-retardant, water-resistant bag is designed to help both protect valuable items and save people precious seconds in the event of an emergency.

We seek out industry-changing products from around the world and ensure they are available to our customers. Examples include Villiger Security ink staining cash protection systems, SceneSafe forensics and Versapak reusable tamper-evident bags. We have also developed an innovative track and trace system known as Secur-TracrSafe™, plus temperature reading label technology for the logistics industry.

RollsPack is committed to being a future-focused company. As the world shifts and the needs of our customers’ change, our goal is to be ready with the latest technology & the most innovative solutions.

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